7 best anti-snoring devices that will help you sleep

7 best anti-snoring devices that will help you sleep

Sleeping is not only important for the physical repair of our bodies but for most of us, sleeping is one way to relieve stress and bring us comfort. This rings true, especially for someone who has worked so hard during the day. After a tiring long day, all you want to do is hit the sack and fall asleep as soon as possible.

However, this can be a problem if you sleep with someone who snores or if you yourself are awakened by your own snoring. Snoring occurs as air flows past relaxed tissues in the throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe. There are many reasons why people snore, it could be because of weight, anatomy, genetics, or when you consume too much alcohol.

So, when snoring seems to be out of hand, it is best to invest in an anti-snoring device. In this article, we are going to learn more about the best anti-snoring devices that can help prevent snoring and let you sleep comfortably.

What are anti-snoring devices?

Anti-snoring devices are intended to prevent or reduce snoring. A variety of anti-snoring devices are available such as mandibular advancement device, anti-snoring mouthpieces, nose strips, etc., each of which addresses a specific underlying cause of snoring. Here are the 7 best anti-snoring devices in the market today:

  1. The Smart Anti-snoring Device

If your snoring i caused by problems in the throat or upper airway which are usually characterized by a loud or raspy sound that could also be a sign of sleep apnea then the Smart Anti-snoring device is what you need. It uses intelligent voice technology that detects snoring. It applies vibration pulses of different frequencies to the hypoglossal nerve and mandibular muscles. This tightens the muscles, adjusts breath rhythm, and makes breathing smoother which then reduces snoring.Pros:

  • Massages and relaxes throat musclesIntelligent sensorHypo-allergenicRechargeable

When it vibrates it can be uncomfortable for some

Slightly expensive

2. Anti-snoring Tongue Device

If your snoring is due to a tongue or throat problem such as a large tongue or poor muscle tone. It is a useful option for people who wants a non-invasive treatment since it doesn’t require surgery or other invasive procedures. The Anti-snoring Tongue Device has a V-shaped design that keeps the mouth closed while sleeping through physical pressure and allows the user to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth. It works by creating a gentle suction around the tongue, keeping it in place to prevent obstructing airflow and reduce the frequency of snoring.Pros:

  • Breathe easyNo boil and bite processNo jaw displacementEliminate teeth grinding

Some may find it uncomfortable

Takes time to get used to

3. Nose Stop Snore Device

If you have stifled snores that are quiet and muffled and may sound like the person is trying to hold their breath while they sleep then you need the Nose Stop Snore Device. It uses dual vortex air supply technology to maximize air passage through the nasal passages. As the airway is expanded, it passes through the pharyngeal cavity which reduces or minimizes snoring by reducing vibrations from the uvula.Pros:

  • OdorlessSafe and non-toxicMaximized airflow

May take time to get used to

Uncomfortable for some

4. Smart Snore Stopper Device

Throat snores are more common in people who have a narrow, obstructed airway or airway blockage. The common causes of throat snores are throat anatomy, age, alcohol and sedatives, allergies, and obesity. The Smart Snore Stopper Device works by using AI smart chip and high-precision sensor that automatically and accurately detects the snoring and massages the hypoglossal nerve and jaw muscle group through different frequency vibration pulses to relax tight muscles, adjust breathing patterns to make breathing easier and fix snoring.Pros:

  • Intelligent sensorAdjustable vibrationsRechargeable and reusable

May be uncomfortable for some when vibrating

Slightly expensive

5. Chin Strap For Snoring

If your snoring is not related to your nose or nasal congestion, the Chin Strap For Snoring is the best option for stopping the cause of snoring like that air rumbling up and down your throat muscles when your mouth falls open when you sleep. The Chin Strap For Snoring works by securely holding the chin and keeping your mouth closed to get the right habit of breathing with your nose to effectively stop snoring. It works well with other breathing solutions, such as CPAP machines, nasal strips, and more!Pros:

  • BreathableAdjustableWashable

May be hot in summer

May take some time to get used to

6. Magnetic Nose Clip For Snoring

In cases where nasal issues contribute to snoring, nasal strips that help open the airways or nasal passages can provide a quick solution. There is a downside to strips, though. They require adhesive, which can irritate the skin. It can also get expensive if you buy pack after pack. The Magnetic Nose Clip For Snoring has built-in magnets that stimulate acupuncture points to lessen the occurrence of snoring. It is made of soft flexible FDA approved silicone material that is reusable and washable. Comes with a compact plastic case that is perfect for travel.Pros:

  • Non-toxicStimulates pressure pointsSkin-friendlyPlastic case included

May come off when sleeping

7. Anti-snore Mouthpiece

One of the reasons why people snore is because of their oral anatomy. The Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) work by holding the tongue and lower jaw forward, which helps to keep the airway open and reduces snoring. Even though it is not the most comfortable, the Anti-snore Mouthpiece is customizable to your bite. Despite being adjustable, these odorless and BPA-free anti-snoring mouthpieces work to pull your chin forward slightly to open up your airways to minimize snoring and dry mouth.Pros:

  • OdorlessBPA-freeAdjustable fitCustomized teeth impressions

Some find it uncomfortable

Generally speaking, snoring negatively impacts your quality of life as well as those around you. Before buying any anti-snoring device, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional if you have concerns about your snoring or if it disrupts your sleep or the sleep of your partner.