Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat With Heat


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Convenient and versatile, our Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat offers you a comprehensive massage experience like no other. Featuring nine specially designed massage heads, this massager targets every inch of your body with precision and care. Enjoy the feeling of tension melting away as you immerse yourself in this blissful embrace of comfort.

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Alleviates Muscle Tension & Stiffness

Muscle tension and stiffness can limit your range of motion. Some movements, such as turning your head or shoulders fully, may cause increased pain or discomfort. The massage heads feature provides targeted pressure and kneading action to the affected muscles helping to release tension and reduce stiffness.

Relieves Back Pain & Discomfort

During sitting, slouching or hunching forward can disrupt the natural curvature of the spine, increasing back muscle pain and discomfort. Multi-site synchronous massage ensures that your entire back receives attention. Massage heads knead, tap, or roll along the back to relieve pain and discomfort caused by poor posture.

Eliminates Fatigue, Soreness & Swelling

Standing and sitting for long periods of time without movement can lead to leg swelling, soreness, and fatigue. Swelling can result from inactivity, which impairs blood circulation. The massage action and adjustable intensity of our massager stimulate blood flow in the legs which can reduce swelling and alleviate fatigue.


Squeeze And Knead Those Stubborn Knots!

The massager is equipped with 9 massage heads that adapt to your body's contours and an airbag top massage that gently compresses and releases those tensions away. Let the airbag top massage caress you while the massage heads target specific areas, offering the ultimate indulgence in relaxation and relief.

The Perfect Balance Of Soothing Heat And Customizable Massage Modes

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating warmth of the Carbon Fiber Hot Compress, complemented by the versatility of 9 Massage Modes and 9 adjustable intensity restoring your body and revitalizing your senses.

Experience Total Rejuvenation And Relaxation!

Discover the incredible transformation as tired muscles find relief, energy is replenished, and your body finds its balance. You don't have to bear with stresses of life, melt them away and enjoy life with your newly found energy!

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Absolutely the best!

I absolutely love my Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat! It has become my go-to solution for relieving muscle tension and stress after a long day. The adjustable massage heads and intensity levels provide a customized experience that targets exactly where I need it. It's like having a personal masseuse at home!

- Sarah B. / Verified Buyer

It is a 10/10!

I suffer from chronic back pain and this had amazingly changed my life! The combination of the airbag top massage and the carbon fiber hot compress provides soothing relief and helps me relax. I appreciate the versatility of the 9 massage modes, allowing me to find the perfect setting for my specific needs. Highly recommended!

- Mark S. / Verified Buyer

Great quality massager!

I was skeptical at first, but the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it provide an incredibly comfortable and relaxing massage experience, but it has also helped alleviate the soreness and fatigue in my legs. The hot compress feature is a bonus, providing that extra touch of warmth and comfort. I am so happy with this product.

- Emily R. / Verified Buyer




The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat is designed to target specific areas of the body affected by muscle soreness and fatigue. By combining adjustable massage modes and intensity levels, it helps to reduce inflammation, increase oxygen flow, and provide a relaxing massage experience that aids in muscle recovery.

It utilizes various massage techniques and adjustable intensity levels to target and release muscle tightness and stiffness. The massage heads work deep into the muscle tissue, promoting increased blood circulation and helping to alleviate tension and improve flexibility.

The frequency of use depends on your individual needs and preferences. You can use the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat as frequently as desired, but it is recommended to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the duration to avoid overuse or strain.

Yes, it is designed to accommodate various body types and sizes. The adjustable settings allow users to customize the massage experience to their specific needs, ensuring comfort and effectiveness.

It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat if you have any pre-existing health conditions or concerns. Some conditions, such as pregnancy, certain medical implants, or recent surgeries, may require special consideration or avoidance of specific massage techniques.

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Customer reviews

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Carla S.
Works as described. Thank you.
Helpful? 1 0
Rafael Y.
The 9 modes selection allows me to switch up the massage techniques, ensuring a comprehensive and effective session every time. I highly recommend thi...More
The 9 modes selection allows me to switch up the massage techniques, ensuring a comprehensive and effective session every time. I highly recommend this massager to anyone in need of relief.
Helpful? 1 0
Chester W.
It is easy to set-up and operate plus the remote control is easy to use.
Helpful? 0 0
Oscar P.
Wow! The nine massage heads work their magic, releasing the tension in my neck, shoulders, and back.
Helpful? 0 0
Allison M.
I'm impressed by the quality and durability of this massager. It's built to last.
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Dominick C.
I've gifted this massager to my friends and family. They all love it as much as I do.
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Danny C.
I highly recommend this massager. It's versatile, effective, and easy to use.
Helpful? 0 0
Lisa J.
I've noticed a significant improvement in my muscle flexibility since using this massager regularly.
Helpful? 1 0
Donna C.
I love how portable and space-saving this massager is. Perfect for small living spaces.
Helpful? 1 0
Don L.
I haven't tried it yet. I might be able to try it this weekend when I have time.
Helpful? 0 2
Marianne E.
This is the best massager so far! I love it!
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Anita F.
My husband often suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain, ever since using this massager, he has noticed a significant improvement in his mobility...More
My husband often suffers from chronic neck and shoulder pain, ever since using this massager, he has noticed a significant improvement in his mobility and overall comfort.
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Full Body Shiatsu Massage Mat With Heat
$169.99 50% OFF