Top 5 Home-Spa Treatments in 2021

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Since the eruption and quick spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have all observed and experienced massive disruptions and changes in the way we deal with daily life matters.

The situation of self-care and pampering in this situation is no different and applies to everybody, yes men and women!

While gentlemen loved to enjoy a Swedish massage as much as the ladies did, the new way of life has made it difficult to enjoy the spa-like environment everyone took granted for earlier when visiting salons and spas was no big deal.

Because we know how important it is to stay sane, we thought of our own cool ways to enjoy as therapeutic and vibe uplifting spa treatments AT HOME!

Let’s jump right in shall we 😀

1. A spa for your tastebuds 

Yes, you can treat your tastebuds too and watch your skin and body glow like never before.

It’s easy, fast and convenient. What do you need? A glass, a pinch of citrus flavor (we love lemons as their detox properties are on fleek) and mint.

Step 1:
Take your favorite spa-shaped glass to remind you that you can be pampered at home too (we recommend using the ones you don’t use every day to enhance the vibes of feeling royal).

Step 2:

Depending if it’s summer or winter adjust the temperature of your water, squeeze in the fresh citrus drops of gold and mix well.

Step 3:

Garnish it with mint leaves, not only do they smell good, they make you and your body feel great too.

Step 4:

Sit back and relax, start sipping, and enjoy!

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2. It’s music to my ears

Your ears go through listening to various restraints and orders every day, as well as noise pollution.

Although taking a walk in a park or forest to hear the birds chirp and wind ruffle the leaves is the best therapy for the ears, we can recreate sound at home to give an as good effect too.

We recommend whichever space you choose at home, be it your bedroom, living room, or even kitchen, close all doors and windows to maximize noise cancellation.

Here’s the fun part, search up some music that is normally played in spas or go a step further by customizing your music to what you like e.g waves of the ocean.

Tone down the lights, get cozy with your favorite pillows and blanket, lay down with an eye mask to further limit visual distractions and enjoy how your ears experience a spa treatment to dream of.

3. The eyes need a break too

Work from home or just frequent screen exposure equals tired strained eyes that even a facial can’t solve.

So, take your eyes to a spa with technology!

An eye massager is a cool gadget made for our precious windows to life. Most are made with various functions such as heat compression, massaging and music to let you take charge of how to relax.

Just 15 minutes with this majestic device pumps you up and your eyes so well that you even sleep well!

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Smart Eye Massager Mask

4. Love those locks like you should

Lockdown and quarantine may have shown us another side to our locks that we may have never thought of. Lifeless, limp or just stagnant hair growth?

Your locks need that extra spa treatment to come back to life, and you get to do it at home!

You can do this with your own hands or with a hair massager tool. 

Here’s the actual main ingredient: your favorite carrier oil with an essential oil of your choice. 

We love coconut oil as it’s nice and light and gives that extra hydration that hair would love along with orange essential oil as it smells amazing and uplifting.

Just add two drops of essential oil to your carrier oil, mix and apply to your deprived locks.

Next is to use your hands or the hair massager tool and give your scalp and hair the much-needed TLC it was deprived of.

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5. Let the bubbles do the work

This is a classic at-home spa treatment that we cherish even more by spending more time indoors, a bubble bath!

But not just any ordinary one, this is a spa bubble bath is meant to comfort those aching muscles and relieve soreness all over the body.

We highly recommend decorating the bathroom with scented candles and slow music to give the ambiance of a typical spa you would visit.

Fill your bathtub with warm water followed by sea salt, essential oils, or a bath bomb. Let the bubbles come to life will you prepare yourself to soak up in warmth and splendor.

Here’s the fun part, light up those candles, turn up some soothing music, step into your tub and relieve your body from the chaos while blowing bubbles in the air too.

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Who would have thought spa treatments go above and beyond conventional ways? We did!

Here’s to more self-care and home-spa treatments to enjoy, cheers

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