Top 5 Things To Do For A More Relaxing Sleep

Top 5 Things To Do For A More Relaxing Sleep

Capture this scene:

You open your eyes, get up to stretch your arms side to side to feel uplifted, energized and excited to start the day.

The sunshine rays beaming through your window warm you up while your eyes delight themselves with a view to start the new day with.

Sounds like a dream right? Very visually appealing to imagine too.

But is this something you get to experience in real life? Or do you wake up feeling sluggish or just moving on with fatigue and no purpose?

If you want to feel the way as described in the scene above, you need to sleep better.

Better sleep means you get to enjoy your day better, eat better, and see better. Your body depends on a good night’s sleep to function at its best, so give it the best sleep with 5 amazing tips.

1. Keep the caffeine at bay

Yes, we all love some aromatic coffee first thing in the morning or when we need a quick ‘’pick me up’’ but excessive doses of this highly addictive stimulant can disturb your sleep. 

Naturally, our body has been designed in a way to experience tiredness during the day which builds up gradually to make it easy for us to sleep at night.

When we consume caffeine in the form of tea, coffee or energy drinks late in the afternoon or evening, apart from excessive doses, this tampers our body to let itself prepare for sleep.

In small doses and before late afternoon, caffeine won’t interfere with your nervous system and let you go with the flow to sleep, naturally.

So let go of staying up and let your body rest like it’s meant to.

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2. Consistency is the key to success, we really mean it

Have you ever experienced a pattern, say when you went to school you would wake up and go back to sleep at the same time, every single day. Even weekends would be programmed with the alarm clock your body has built-in itself.

Well when you decide to be a bit too flexible with your timings, especially by sleeping late at night, waking up late during the day or perhaps other versions of odd timings, this will significantly affect your quality of sleep.

Our body’s circadian rhythm aligns itself with the sunrise and sunset, which means to function at your best, sleep your way how your body was devised to.

Not only do you get to be productive but also maintain a healthy habit too.

3. Rejuvenate with the revolutionary power of technology

Although we are accustomed to daily exposure with technology in the form of mobile phones, laptops, and various other devices that interfere with our peaceful sleeping pattern, there is a way to relieve with technology too!

Our eyes tend to experience strain and fatigue from constant screen exposure that also leads to difficulty in sleeping. The eye massager is a revolutionary device that has made it easy to relieve fatigue and go to sleep, easily.

The device is built-in with options to choose from to take away eye and forehead fatigue such as a massage, heat compression or air acupressure.

The best part is how every option leads to one result, feeling fresh, relieved, and put to sleep.

4. Your environment makes or breaks your sleep

Is your bedroom prone to loud noises coming from internal and external sources? Maybe that’s what is not letting you sleep peacefully.

Or maybe your wall paint is too bright, makes your mind think it’s daytime all the time?

You see, the environment you make for your bedroom or whichever place you choose (some love to sleep on the sofa too) makes a major difference in your ability to and quality of sleep.

A healthy environment to promote sleep revolves around warmth and coziness, such as dim lights, positioning of your bed with respect to your window and bathroom and of course, fluffy pillows!

If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, perhaps change your pillows and make sure you feel warm enough or cool enough depending on the weather so you can sleep well.

5. To unwind you need to unwind first

Despite the above mentioned strategies, it is important to first feel relaxed and stress-free.

Sleeping is achieved best when your mind is clear of distractions or thoughts that keep you up.

The best way to be relaxed is by devising a routine that helps you unwind from a long day, perhaps a massage or even a simple walk, anything that helps you.

Incorporating relaxation techniques helps immensely to sleep well and on time.

We hope you enjoyed the top 5 ways to attain better sleep and actually start to experience the scene we captured in the beginning (it was thanks to proper sleep!)

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