Multifunctional Foot Massager For Neuropathy


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Suffering from foot and leg pain? Experience the joy and relief of a comprehensive and personalized massage experience tailored to your needs with our Multifunctional Foot Massager. Combining advanced technology with the ancient practice of acupressure and far infrared heat therapy, this device can provide a deep tissue massage that alleviates pain and reduces muscle tension.

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Relieves Rheumatism & Arthritis

Over time, the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism can become more severe, making it increasingly difficult to carry out day-to-day activities. The electromagnetic waves stimulate the production of endorphins which are natural painkillers. It can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve joint mobility.

Reduces Plantar Fasciitis Pain & Discomfort

Plantar fasciitis can make walking or standing difficult due to heel pain and discomfort. With the acupoint function of our Multifunctional Foot Massager, it can stimulate specific pressure points on the foot which improves blood flow and reduces inflammation. It can help the tissue to heal leading to recovery.

Enhances Circulation & Alleviates Muscle Soreness

Poor circulation in the feet and legs can cause pain, swelling, and fatigue. With the power of infrared heat therapy and the combination of different deep-tissue massage modes, it improves blood circulation and relieves muscle tension and soreness providing relaxation and relief from pain.


A Versatile Massager For Comfort And Relaxation

This foot massager is a versatile product that offers an array of benefits to its users. It comes with electrode pads that can be attached to different parts of the body which use electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles, helping to alleviate tension and soreness.

Revolutionize The Way You Soothe Your Feet

Unlike traditional foot massagers, it uses infrared heat therapy that penetrates deep into the tissues, providing a soothing and relaxing experience. Also, it offers 99 levels of intensity to customize the massage to your desired level of pressure and a variety of massage modes to target specific acupressure points in the feet.

Experience Relief And A Chance To Do What You Love

Whether you spend long hours on your feet at work, suffer from a foot injury, or simply enjoy running or other high-impact activities, this product can help you feel better and get back to doing what you love. By promoting circulation, alleviating pain, and providing a relaxing massage experience, it is a must-have for anyone!

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A must-have for every athlete!

As a runner, I struggle with plantar fasciitis and have tried various treatments without much success. However, since using the foot massager, I've noticed a significant improvement in pain and stiffness. It's a must-have for any athlete! 

- Carolina W. / Verified Buyer

It is incredible!

I have neuropathy in my feet and it has been incredibly challenging to find relief. The infrared technology in the foot massager has helped alleviate the pain and tingling sensation. I can finally relax and get a good night's sleep! 

- Elijah M. / Verified Buyer

Spa treatment at home...

I suffer from arthritis and have tried numerous treatments, but nothing has relieved the pain like the Multifunctional Infrared Acupoint Foot Massager. It's like having a personal masseuse in my home. I highly recommend this massager. 

- Marianne N. / Verified Buyer




The foot massager is designed to provide relief for people with arthritis. The infrared heat technology and massage modes work to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain in the feet.

Through the different massage modes, intensity levels, and infrared heat can improve circulation which can help alleviate tingling and numbness in the feet.

Our Multifunctional Foot Massager has heat settings that you can easily adjust to your desired heat level.

Through the use of electrode pads and the slimming belt, it can be used in other parts of the body such as the legs, back, neck, arms, etc.

You can use the foot massager as often as you like. However, it's recommended to use it for 15-30 minutes at a time, several times a week for best results.

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Customer reviews

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Melanie S.
It's easy to use and the heat feels amazing.
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Gene M.
The massages are the perfect amount of pressure. I feel like I'm getting a professional massage.
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Alan J.
I love the heat feature and the adjustable intensities. It's a LOT!
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Cristina C.
Love this foot massager! I use it every day and feel so much better afterwards.
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Margaret Q.
I've tried many foot massagers in the past but this one is by far the best. The infrared technology really makes a difference and the adjustable setti...More
I've tried many foot massagers in the past but this one is by far the best. The infrared technology really makes a difference and the adjustable settings are great!
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Kevin R.
I bought this for my wife, she really loves it. It's become a staple in her daily routine!
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Gilberto H.
It took awhile to arrive so that is kind of disappointing.
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Kristin R.
I work on my feet all day and often come home with swollen and achy feet. But the foot massager has become my go-to for immediate relief.
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Hazel G.
I bought this foot massager for my husband and he loves it! He uses it every day and says it has helped with his muscle tension and soreness.
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Patty M.
I was skeptical about purchasing a foot massager, but after using it for a week, I can honestly say it works really well to relieve my foot pain.
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Phyllis P.
Great for muscle tension and soreness. I use it after every workout.
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Lewis W.
This foot massager is amazing!
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Multifunctional Foot Massager For Neuropathy
Multifunctional Foot Massager For Neuropathy
$234.99 50% OFF